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Introducing the stunningly eco-friendly swimsuit that combines sustainability, style, and luxury like never before. This stunning  "Mother Nature" swimsuit was custom-made for Padma Lakshmi's  Sports Illustrated 2023 photoshoot.


This swimsuit takes luxury to the next level by incorporating exquisite silk pieces. These delicate silk accents add a touch of refinement and sophistication, elevating the swimsuit into a true fashion statement. The silk components are carefully placed, creating a harmonious blend of sustainability and elegance.


To further enhance its beauty, this swimsuit is adorned with breathtaking natural stones and beads. Each stone is hand-selected for its unique colors and patterns, showcasing the wonders of nature in every piece. 


Embrace the beach with confidence, knowing that your swimwear choice not only complements your style but also contributes to the preservation of our beautiful planet.

Mother Nature

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