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Regenerated Ocean plastic fabrics
All of our swimwear fabric is made with 78% ECONYL® regenerated nylon. By using fiber made of pre and post-consumer waste such as fishing nets, fabric scraps, and carpet fluff, we slow down the production of new plastic. 
​ECONYL® regenerated nylon has the same qualities of regular nylon but can be recycled, recreated, and remolded again and again. This means garment manufacture could potentially become a closed-loop system where nylon could forever be reused and recycled! All ECONYL® yarns have the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certificate, class I (products for babies) to prove the maximum safety of products
We produce locally. Our pieces are designed and manufactured in Toronto, Canada. Using local workers allows us to be involved in the whole production process as well as ensure that there's the least possible waste in materials.

Compostable packaging

We use home compostable alternative to a traditional poly bag. Certified Home Compostable to biodegrade safely in a backyard compost within 180 days. Just put the bag in with your food and garden waste.
We ship your bikini in a certified home compostable, fully biodegradable mailing satchel, partly made from plants.
For The Oceans
We aim not only to reduce our impact but also use our voice to raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of our oceans.  We donate 3% of our profits to "Parley for the Oceans" an environmental organization and global collaboration network. Visit to learn more.​​

Thank you for supporting our brand and having a positive impact on our environment.

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