At Navy Ray, we create beautiful designs with flawless fits that inspire women to feel confident and beautiful. And we do that with a commitment to the environment. We put eco-consciousness at the heart of everything we do, from using mostly recycled textiles to packaging materials.
We use ECONYL® a fabric made of regenerated nylon, helping to turn trash into amazing high quality swimwear. ECONYL® fibre is created from unwanted waste from oceans and landfill around the world such as fishing nets, fabric scraps and industrial plastics. Using a radical regeneration process the nylon is brought back to its original purity and can be used to produce new products. Our ECONYL® yarn is sourced from Italy, where it is evaluated as a high quality, durable and sustainable techno-fibre. 
We produce locally. Our pieces are designed and manufactured in Toronto, Canada. Using local workers allows us to be involved in the whole production process as well as ensure that there's the least possible waste in materials. We have a close relationship with our workers and we make sure that they are ethically treated and paid. This close relationship help us ensure the most high quality items are produced without compromising work ethics.


We research and source the most sustainable materials we can find and we never use more than needed. All of our swimsuits come in a flap and seal bag made from plant-based pla and certified compostable.  Durable and tamper resistant, they are easy to recycle. There is no plastic involved in the process, even when shipping.
We aim not only to reduce our impact but also use our voice to raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of our oceans.  We donate 3% of our profits to "Parley for the Oceans" an environmental organization and global collaboration network. Visit to learn more.

Thank you for supporting our brand and having a positive impact on our environment.