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This stunning Rose Seashell swimsuit was custom-made for the Sports Illustrated 2023 photoshoot, is a true work of art. The sustainable fabric used to make this swimsuit is both eco-friendly and luxurious, providing a comfortable and flattering fit.


The real star of the show, however, is the hand-painted seashell design. Each shell has been expertly painted, creating a unique and eye-catching pattern that sets this swimsuit apart from all others.


The design is truly inspired, with a variety of seashell shapes and sizes creating a sense of movement and depth. The color palette is dominated by shades of warm caramel and soft pinks, giving the swimsuit a playful and feminine feel.


Overall, this swimsuit is a true work of art, expertly crafted to highlight  the beauty of the natural world. It's the perfect blend of sustainability and style, sure to turn heads and inspire admiration wherever it's worn.

Rose Seashell

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